Storage services

Besides actual conservation and restorations, we offer a wide range of services for museum collections as an important part of our activities.

Because of our extensive experience in handling large museum objects such as aeroplanes, we regularly either assist in storage projects, or handle the project as a whole.

One of our major customers, the Nationaal Militair Museum, has chosen to maximise the available storage space by actually stacking aircraft, using custom made containers.

Today our team placed one of two aircraft (a Harvard, next up is a Beaver) in a container, together with it's (now detached) wings and tailplane.

Great care is taken to protect the original rubber tires, by placing bespoke supports under the main wheel struts and tail wheel.

After further securing the airframe and wings to the container frame, the container as a whole can eventually be moved and lifted by a heavy forklift.

In the background a good example of previously crated objects; a Fokker S-11 trainer and Alouette II helicopter on top of a container, holding a Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star.

This method means an extra third of the original floor space is won!


Result. Two aeroplanes using as little floor space as possible. The whole exercise was executed well within the planned 3 day Period.